Water Maintenance

The priority of a water utility is serving customers with uninterrupted and safe service.

In achieving that objective, pipeline operators must also comply with ever-changing federal and state rules and regulations for water pipeline maintenance. Meeting these mandates and mitigating risk often complicates and causes resource issues in conducting normal operations, creating costly inefficiencies for pipeline operators. That’s why GeoCurrent purpose-built a suite of technology solutions, that when used in tandem, enhance and improve the water maintenance process from end-to-end.

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Inefficient, redundant and inaccurate records from patrolling activity due in part to the inability to update from the field

Lack of visibility into field operations, maintenance task status and real-time data collection

Need for accurate data weighted by appropriate criteria in regard to specific at-risk pipeline segments for use in prioritizing infrastructure maintenance activities

Lack of a GIS component in the record production process and patrolling activity tracking in a real-time environment

Need to manage compliance activities and records based on current industry requirements

Our Solutions

GeoCurrent’s software solutions can help pipeline operators reduce complexity, burden and costs associated with water maintenance and compliance by integrating mobile capabilities, increasing visibility and making real-time data available across the utility.

Demo GeoCurrent’s suite of solutions today to see how they modernize the maintenance and compliance of water pipelines.