Gas Maintenance

The objective of the natural gas utility is to provide customers with uninterrupted and safe service.

However, pipeline operators must also comply with ever-changing federal and state rules and regulations for gas pipeline operation and maintenance. Compliance with these mandates and mitigating risk adds complexity to the utility’s normal operations, causing a resource demand issue that must be effectively managed. The GeoCurrent suite of solutions was designed with that purpose in mind. The modules that make up that suite, used independently, or better yet in tandem, provides the utility the opportunity, through real-time data, to more effectively manage internal and external resources to enhance their infrastructure maintenance activities.

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Need for accurate and risk-weighted data with respect to pipeline risk and the prioritization of  activities performed on an aging infrastructure

Inefficient, redundant and inaccurate records from patrolling activity due in part to the inability to update from the field

Lack of a GIS component in the record production process and patrolling activity tracking in a real-time environment

Lack of visibility into field operations, maintenance task status and real-time data collection

Need to manage compliance activities and records in respect to DOT Parts 191 regulations

Our Solutions

GeoCurrent’s suite of software solutions help gas pipeline operators reduce many of the challenges and complexities associated with maintenance and compliance. Our solutions enable inspectors to assign and track jobs, enter inspection reports in real time, identify the highest risk pipelines and prioritize maintenance and repairs.

Demo GeoCurrent’s suite of solutions today to see how they modernize the maintenance and compliance of gas pipelines.