Capturing and maintaining an accurate utility asset inventory integrated with detailed maintenance records is mandated by federal or state rules and regulations and is essential to preserving efficiency during maintenance projects.

Yet the capture of this data is also critical to assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of system maintenance projects. That’s where GasScan comes in. Used by utility field personnel nationwide, GasScan is a free iOS/Android app. The tool’s easy-to-use barcode reading, decoding and storage functionalities eliminate the complexity of document asset inventory.

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Mobile Accessibility

Runs on iOS and Android devices and takes advantage of your handheld device’s camera and GPS sensors


Enables barcode scanning in the field for barcodes that meet F2897 standard format

Data Storage

Allows for offline storage for seamless online exporting

Key Benefits

GasScan helps you more readily capture and maintain control of utility asset inventory by placing barcode reading abilities on any iOS/Android device to enable utility technicians to:

Export GPS data scans and email them to designated stakeholders

Upload GPS data directly into ArcGIS Online to produce barcodes in a GIS format

Helps with plastic pipe tracking and traceability where ASTM F2897 barcodes or QR codes are being used for asset tracking