Empowering Utility & Pipeline Operators

GeoCurrent’s scalable software solutions are with you from the back office to the field, helping ensure compliance, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Suite of Solutions

Our suite of software solutions enables utilities and municipalities to better capture and manage data to decrease risk, improve workflows, drive cost-savings and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

Leak Survey

Increase efficiency in pipeline evaluation, leak reporting, paperwork process and labor management.

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Atmospheric Corrosion

Improve the speed and efficiency of atmospheric corrosion inspection with greater visibility and automated work orders.

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Water Pipeline Compliance & Maintenance

Reduce the complexity and costs of water pipeline maintenance with mobile capabilities, greater visibility and real-time data.

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Gas Pipeline Compliance & Maintenance

Assign and track jobs, enter inspection reports in real time, identify highest-risk pipelines and prioritize maintenance and repairs.

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01. Compliance

GeoCurrent’s products help utilities maintain compliance in an increasingly complex and rigid regulatory environment.

02. Efficiency

GeoCurrent’s products offer new levels of efficiency by reducing redundant data entry, antiquated paper methods and by improving the accuracy of such data.

03. Cost Effective

GeoCurrent helps utilities and municipalities yield cost savings through efficiency, improved workflows and unprecedented visibility.